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Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Support

Software: The software we use for remote control (non-Managed Service Client) is maintained by a company called ConnectWise. ConnectWise is the leader in remote services and one of the most secure. The link above takes you to our support portal within their site. The software is constantly reviewed for security vulnerabilities and updated regularly.

Process: Initially we will add an agent to your computer so we can assist you remotely. At the end of this service call, unless otherwise authorized, we will remove the agent automatically from the system when we close the session. We do not keep agents on computers unless you are a managed services customer with a signed contract.

Support: If for some reason the software does not uninstall automatically, please send an email to or call (208) 209-6655 and we will explain how to remove, in three steps. There is no cost to this service, however rare it is.

Customer Support